I'm a software engineer and engineering leader. I mostly share thoughts about software, startups, and investing.

I was most recently VP of Engineering at Privy. Before that I was the founder of Kiwi6.

Projects and stuff


A showcase of some programming tools and utilities I often find myself needing: sha1/sha256/md5 hash, network tools (open port check, DNS lookup, etc), a UUID generator, etc. Also was an excuse for me to build a single-page-app from scratch.


An experimental visualization technique for events in world history. The thesis is that seeing events with related and concurrent things that were happening helps us understand and contextualize history better.

Jackie & Peter

A blog that my wife and I maintain with pictures of Kevin (our dog), and some of our family recipes.


I'm a maintainer of the XML SOAP client for ruby.

Railsbridge Boston

I help organize and teach free introductory programming workshops targeted at minorities and underrepresented groups.